how to save money during the holidays

When shopping during the holidays seems more like ho ho, oh no and less like rockin’ around the Christmas tree, it’s hard to stay cheery AND save money during the holidays.   If you checked your list twice and it still seems like an impending shopping trip of holiday doom,… Read more

heads up: business banking fees are changing

Effective January 1, 2020 a small selection of our business banking service fees will be updated. The following is a before and after summary of these changes:   Business + agriculture accounts In branch fees   Before January 1, 2020 Cash or cheque withdrawal from chequing $1.00 $1.10 Deposits $0.79… Read more

the truth about TFSAs (and why you should open an account today)

Only a decade old, the TFSA is an extremely helpful savings product, but one that comes with many questions. As a financial institution, giving you the low-down, inside information, the word, the whole story (okay you get it) on TFSAs is super important to us. Get all the deets below…. Read more

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