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Congratulations Megan — 2020 Sunova scholarship recipient

June 03, 2020

Choosing the Sunova scholarship recipient is never easy, and this year was no different. We received applications from many deserving and community-minded students. After a lot of reading and consideration, our scholarship committee would love for you to join us in saying congratulations to Megan VanHeyst!


Megan is graduating from Stonewall Collegiate Institute this year and starting her post-secondary education at the University of Manitoba in the fall. She will be studying microbiology at the U of M and then heading to the Medical Laboratory Sciences program at Red River College. With the current times, she has realized even more how this career choice can benefit both her home community and the community at large.


“My interest in microbiology makes me realize how my career choice will benefit everyone, from the global community to the people right here in my own home town.” – Megan VanHeyst


There is no doubt that Megan is an amazing and bright student, but she is also a true community member. Megan has been giving back to her community since she moved to Stony Mountain on Canada Day when she was five. On her first day in town, she decided to decorate her bike and join the parade.


As she grew up, Megan started to volunteer in town. She helps at the annual community run, has planted trees along the network of trails through Stony Mountain, and has continued to support the Canada Day festival. Megan has taken part in many charitable runs. One of her favourites is a winter run that raises money for 1JustCity. Even -25 degrees doesn’t stop Megan from giving back.


While she feels she’s not a natural leader, Megan’s leadership skills have stood out to her teachers and community members and helped her give back.


“Megan demonstrates leadership by stepping up and volunteering to do what needs to be done and seeing where she can be best utilized in many community projects.” – Marcia Desmedt, President, Stony Mountain Community Association


Megan, thank you for all you do for the community. We wish you all the best with your upcoming studies and can’t wait to see how you continue to do good, be better, own it, move forward and create fun through your education and beyond.



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