It’s payback time… (the good kind!)

As part of our Member Share Program, we’ve paid out dividends at a rate of 4.03%. Thank you to all members for your ongoing support; we’re so happy to be able to ‘payback’ and reward your loyalty.   Visit our Member Share Program page for more info and to see… Read more

Save time. Book online. Introducing online booking.

You can now schedule your next mortgage or lending appointment on our website in minutes. It’s simple, it’s swift, and you’ll have your appointment booked faster than you can say St. Bernard.   BOOK NOW     BOOK NOW

Where to start when buying your first home by Kelly Hicks

You’re thinking about buying your first home (exciting!), but where do you start? Finding a realtor? Looking at houses? Saving money? All of the above?   Financing is a big part of buying a house, so, I suggest you start by talking to a lender (like me). You want to… Read more

Increase your Interac Flash contactless transaction limit to $250

With contactless payment options more important (and popular) than ever, Sunova members now have access to higher Interac Flash transaction limits. With a quick and easy ‘set-up’ on your existing debit card, you can now tap and pay for purchases up to $250, up to a cumulative total of $400…. Read more

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