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4 things to know about student lines of credit

April 18, 2018

Being a student is tough, but there are a million things that you can do to make your life a little bit easier (and maybe a little more fun?) With Sunova’s student line of credit, you’ll be able to easily pay for things like tuition, books, and residence, leaving you to worry about the important stuff, like homework! So sit back, relax, and read on to learn four important things about student lines of credit.


You can be a full time, part time, or a graduate student

Student lines of credit don’t discriminate. We understand that everyone is different and goes through life at different speeds. Whether you’re in five courses or one, we’ll be able to tailor your borrowing needs to your unique lifestyle.


Pay just the interest

That’s right, you heard us! With a Sunova student line of credit, you pay just the interest on your balance owed while you’re in school (plus up to one year after graduation)!


Better than a regular old loan (for students at least!)

With a student line of credit, your cost of borrowing is lower, because you only use what you need when you need it. And did you know you can repay part or all of your balance whenever you want PLUS you can take 15 years to pay off the outstanding balance? (How great is that?)


You’ll have easy access to your money

One of the great things about a student line of credit is that you’ll be able to access your money with ease. Use your Sunova debit card at an ATM, by writing a cheque, or by visiting your local branch.


So come visit us today and we’ll get you set up. And from now until May 31, just by talking to us about your borrowing needs, you’ll be entered to win $1000. (So you really have no excuse not to drop by!)


Still have questions? Contact Help HQ, our online contact centre! They know everything there is to know about Sunova products and services and will be happy to explain more about our Sunova student line of credit. Find them here.




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