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6 saving tips from your favourite St. Bernard

October 10, 2019

Saving tips can seem boring, but when they’re coming from a fluffy St. Bernard they can be pretty darn fun.


Bill, Sunova’s D.O.G, isn’t just an expert in greeting members and receiving belly rubs, he also knows a thing or two about saving money. His co-workers (and some life experiences) taught him well and now he wants to share his knowledge with the world. How kind of him! Keep reading to learn how Bill saves his bills with these six saving tips.


start an emergency savings fund

In case of emergencies, Bill likes to have at least four bones in the backyard at all times. Although this doesn’t make much sense for people, creating an emergency fund does. Even if it’s just something small, if anything happens you’ll be thankful you had money set aside.


sign up for nickel + dime

Bill can be pretty clumsy sometimes, and his giant fluffy tail knocked over his piggy bank! Oh no! After he cleaned up the mess, he learned he can sign up for something called ‘nickel + dime savings’. It’s an account that will round up all his debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and Sunova will put the difference into his savings account. Now he doesn’t even need a piggy bank!


pay off those credit card bills

Paying the monthly balance on your credit card bill in full will help you keep a healthy bank account. Even though this isn’t a direct saving tip, credit card interest rates can catch up to you, making it harder to save.


avoid the impulses

If Bill bought every squeaky toy or stuffed hedgehog he saw in the pet store, he’d be pretty low on funds. He’s learned to practice self-control and only buy what he needs or things he’s made a saving goal for. This helps him keep on top of all his purchases.


skip the latte

Bill loves his pumpkin spice latte in the morning, but he knows that little purchases add up quickly. Making coffee at home is a quick way to save money. Saving just $2 per working day would add up to roughly $500 per year. Now that’s a pretty penny!


more saving tips

If you want more expert advice and additional saving tips, stop by one of our friendly branches. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss our saving products, like TFSAs, RRSPs, nickel + dime, investing, and so much more. We (and Bill, of course) look forward to seeing you soon.

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