technology so cool even james bond would be jealous

Have you ever wanted to feel like a super spy? You scan your fingerprint to gain access to a top-secret room that frosts up as you shut the door; then a robotic arm delivers a safe deposit box holding confidential files that are for your eyes only… all while you’re sipping a martini? Well, we can deliver that experience… minus the martini.


Available at our Leila, Riverbend, and Oakbank branches, our 24 / 7 SafeStore unit makes accessing a safe deposit box convenient, secure, and pretty darn cool! Using biometrics (scanning your fingerprint) to access your account information, the windows of the viewing room will become frosted while a robotic arm pulls your safe deposit box. Then you use your non-duplicable key to open the box! It’s 100% secure – no one other than you will be able to access your safe deposit box.


Size Fee
1.93 x 12.80 x 9.25 $60.00
3.27 x 12.80 x 9.25 $100.00
4.65 x 12.80 x 9.25 $150.00
7.23 x 12.80 x 9.25 $200.00

We could tell you more, but you really need to see if for yourself. Stop by the Leila, Riverbend, or Oakbank branches today and ask for a demonstration. We promise you will be wowed!


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