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Keeping your small business on the cutting edge of industry standards means having the latest and greatest equipment to do the job. (It may also mean some new toys)! Seriously though, we know you want to do your job in the most efficient and effective way and having the best equipment makes this possible. That said, owning this equipment can come at a considerable cost. To help keep your business at the top of the food chain, Sunova offers various equipment financing options to work with your specific financial situation.


Here are some of the great features we offer in our equipment financing program:


  • Flexible payment structures that are set to ensure repayment of the loan remains within the agreed term / amortization.
  • Fixed and variable rates.
  • Various term / amortizations, however, the number of years depends on the type and age of equipment securing the loan.
  • You can use equity in your commercial or agricultural equipment to refinance / consolidate existing debts and / or provide financing to purchase additional equipment.
  • You can use Equity in commercial or agricultural equipment to secure financing to inject working capital into your business.
  • Life / disability insurance is available (certain restrictions may apply).
  • Various financing programs including:

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