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Ring in the New Year with good financial health: 5 financial resolutions

January 21, 2022
It’s the new year, and you know what that means. It’s...

How to start investing with your credit union, an interview with Cheryl Kirschman

January 13, 2022
Do you hear that? That’s the sound of your hard-earned cash...
Saving + Budgeting

it’s time to prioritize your savings plan

January 17, 2020
How do dinosaurs pay their bills? With Tyrannosaurus cheques! Just kidding…...
Financial Literacy

3 reasons why it pays to get an RRSP in Manitoba

January 10, 2020
The purpose of an RRSP in Manitoba is to ultimately help...
Financial Literacy

saving tips for students in Manitoba (if you want to get ahead)

December 16, 2019
Looking for savings tips for students? You’ve come to the right...
Financial Literacy

4 saving money questions you’ve definitely asked yourself

December 04, 2019
Being a credit union, we get tons of questions on the...
Financial Literacy

how to save money during the holidays

November 18, 2019
When shopping during the holidays seems more like ho ho, oh...
Financial Literacy

the truth about TFSAs (and why you should open an account today)

November 12, 2019
Only a decade old, the TFSA is an extremely helpful savings...
Saving + Budgeting

6 saving tips from your favourite St. Bernard

October 10, 2019
Saving tips can seem boring, but when they’re coming from a...
Financial Literacy

back to school with a back to school budget

July 26, 2019
There’s still lots of summer left, but it’s a good time...

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