supporting the community

Healthy communities lead to bright futures. That’s why we are so passionate to give back to the communities we work in. We want our communities, your communities, to thrive. That’s why we provide support to organizations and community members in four main ways:


To best support our communities, we’re looking to support organizations, groups, and events that are focused on one of our three wellness pillars below and align with our culture code: do good, be better, move forward, own it, and create fun.


financial wellness mental + emotional wellness physical wellness
Reducing the financial barriers to participate in activities and support financial health. Promoting a healthy mindset and helping to provide access to services that may increase one’s mental wellness. Promoting inclusive participation in activities, body positivity, and healthy eating.

How to apply


Each support area has different requirements, deadlines, and applications. To put your best paw, or foot, forward, make sure you fully review the application requirements for the support area you’ve chosen before you start.







Questions regarding our Community Investment Program can be sent to Sunova’s creative strategy department.

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