in-kind donations

Money isn’t everything, especially when it comes to supporting our communities. Sometimes an in-kind donation of supplies, volunteer time, or a prize is all you need. We are happy to help out in all sorts of ways to support organizations in our communities.


Who can apply for in-kind support and prizes


To apply for our in-kind support, you need to:


  • Be a non-profit organization (preference given to members)
  • Be using our donation to support the community
  • Align with the Sunova culture code

Our in-kind support program does not provide financial or cash donations (see the Sunova sponsorships or Community Change funding applications for that). Each branch reviews its silent auction donation requests on an on-going basis. We ask for a minimum of three weeks’ notice for all silent auction donation requests (more is appreciated.)



  • Please check all that apply
  • silent auction prize, volunteers, supplies, etc.
  • fundraiser, event, meeting, etc.
  • Please provide specific examples.


By submitting your form, you are agreeing to receive correspondence regarding your application via email.

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