silent auction donations

All Sunova branches have a collection of branded promotional items they may donate to local organizations and events that support community wellness. Our silent auction donations program does not provide financial or cash donations. Silent auction donation requests will be reviewed at the branch level on an on-going basis. A minimum of two week’s notice is required for all silent auction donation requests.




Consideration for silent auction donations is given to those applications that meet the following criteria:


  • Organizations, charities, or special events focused wellness
  • Organizations, charities, or special events that serve the communities in or around our Sunova branch network
  • Organizations, charities, or special events that are currently members of Sunova Credit Union or are willing to become a member

Consideration cannot be given to those applicants:


  • Where only one individual benefits
  • Where funding does not align with our focus on wellness
  • Who may represent a conflict of interest for Sunova or may be seen as controversial in nature
  • Who do not provide at least one week’s notice
  • Who provide an incomplete application or include insufficient information in the application to properly evaluate the sponsorship opportunity

Application review


All donation requests should be submitted using the online form below. Paper applications will not be accepted. All applicants will be notified via email within two weeks after the requests have been reviewed and decisions have been made. While we appreciate all requests and thank applicants for thinking of Sunova, we unfortunately cannot support all applications for donations.


Your responsibility


Should your donation request be approved, promotional items will be provided by and available for pick-up at your local branch.


How to apply


To be considered for a silent auction donation, please complete our silent auction donations application form.