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So you’re looking for support for an upcoming project, team, or community event? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Sunova is proud to support initiatives that support one of the following pillars of wellness.


financial wellness mental + emotional wellness

physical wellness

  • Financial literacy for all ages
  • Recreational activities low-income families
  • Support for financial services in underserved areas



  • Mental health awareness programs and events
  • Body positivity programs
  • Temporary shelters for people who experience violence, domestic abuse, or homelessness
  • Anti-bullying programs and support
  • Community sports teams
  • Body-positive events and fitness
  • Nutrition programs and healthy eating
  • Clean water access


In addition to supporting wellness, we look for organizations and events that reflect our culture code: do good, be better, move forward, own it, and create fun.


Funding guidelines


Now before you get too far into this process, make sure you read our very important funding guidelines. All sponsorship applications must follow these guidelines in order to be considered for funding.



Applying for a sponsorship


To apply for a sponsorship, please complete the application with advance notice, so we have sufficient time to plan and implement our sponsorship for your project or event. Someone from Sunova will be in touch within ten business days to follow up on whether or not we will support your application, or to clarify additional details. Please be sure to provide enough information to help us make a decision. Clear and unique examples of how Sunova will be recognized are appreciated and go a long way.




have questions?

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