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dream big, save bigger with auto transfers!

January 05, 2018
We want you to dream big. Dream about your next trip, what it feels like to pay off your student loan, or what it’s like to walk into your...

What’s the big difference between a TFSA and an RRSP?

January 04, 2018
It’s a question as old as the TFSA (we can’t say time because in the grand scheme of things TFSAs are only nine years old): what’s the big difference...

dream big, save bigger with our rate special!

January 03, 2018
  Our rate special has just got better! Now until March 1, you can take advantage of two rate specials. We promise this isn’t a dream!   15-month term...

Meet Sunova’s Help HQ

January 02, 2018
For the days you don’t want to face -45 wind chill; for the days you’re juggling hockey practice with ballet classes and squeezing in time to pick up groceries;...

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