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Congratulations to our new (and returning) board members!

April 30, 2021

We are so excited to announce that the following exceptional community leaders have been elected (and re-elected) to the Sunova Credit Union board. These winners truly embody Sunova’s culture code and we can’t wait to see how they help move the organization forward. Without further ado, the winners are…


Lesli Malegus


Lesli has served the past thirteen years on the board of directors and has held positions such as board chair, secretary, and vice-chair. She is a graduate of the Rotman School of Business, with a diploma from the Director’s Education Program. She believes in innovation, integrity, respect for ourselves and others, and values teamwork and the pursuit of knowledge. She looks forward to serving the Sunova membership for another term.


Raquel Lincoln


For the past three years, Raquel has served on Sunova’s board bringing strong community values, integrity, and transparency. As a 30+ year Sunova member (along with an abundance of community and board experience), Raquel looks forward to serving the Sunova membership and helping guide the organization for the next three years.


Maureen Hrechkosy


Meet Sunova’s newest board member, Maureen! Maureen believes (and we certainly agree!) that her business standards and personal views align with Sunova and its culture code. In addition to valuing quality member service, community engagement, business development, and diversity of products, Maureen is the successful owner and operator of Trail End Camp and Outfitters, a four-season tourism resort in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. We are so happy to have Maureen join the team.


Farewell, Jeff van Ryssel


We would also like to take this time to thank and offer our best wishes to Jeff van Ryssel, who has served on the Sunova Credit Union board since 2018, and before then, the Oak Bank Credit Union board from 2014 until 2018. Jeff was a positive and fearless board member who always had Sunova and its members in his best interests, and we’ll miss him on the board.


Lastly, thank you again to all other candidates including Chad Bisko, Chris Reichert, Dr. Donna Wilson, Jakob Wall, Jim Campbell, Kim Reimer, and Stacey Bonneteau. Sunova wishes you well in your future community involvement endeavours.

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