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heads up: business banking fees are changing

November 14, 2019

Effective January 1, 2020 a small selection of our business banking service fees will be updated. The following is a before and after summary of these changes:


Business + agriculture accounts

In branch fees

  Before January 1, 2020
Cash or cheque withdrawal from chequing $1.00 $1.10
Deposits $0.79 $1.10

International point-of-sale debit transaction fees

In addition, we will be introducing an issuer fee on international point-of-sale debit transactions for all members.


Why? Foreign currency debit card transactions are processed by our foreign network partners, who determine the currency conversion rate. An administration fee of 2.5% will now be added to the transaction total presented for authorization on your account. Additional fees may be charged by ATM owners as part of your transaction total.


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