traditional bankers need not apply

This is not your typical financial institution. From our adorable director of greetings (D.O.G) to offering barrier-free banking and everything in between, Sunova is a vibrant, innovative, and friendly full service financial institution dedicated to providing outstanding member service in a very unconventional manner.


Maybe most importantly, we are an organization that likes to have fun. As cliché as it may sound, our staff work hard and play even harder. Whether it’s at one of our annual staff events, the ever-so-competitive Halloween decorating contest, or even just a spontaneous giant Jenga competition, Sunova staff know how to have a good time.


We are committed to hiring awesome people who are outgoing, ambitious, innovative, and engaged. If your friends or co-workers describe you as someone who is happy, friendly, passionate about service, and you’re ready to work (and have a bit of fun while you are at it) in an environment that supports the newest trends in technology, maybe it’s time to consider a career with Sunova.


Want to learn more about working for Sunova? If so, just click here. You can also check out a list of current career opportunities here.


So why us?


Has a possible career with Sunova peaked your interest? Well, we can’t really blame you! Here are just a few more reasons to pursue a career with Sunova (just in case you need a bit more convincing):


Superior compensation and benefits

As a member of Sunova’s team, you will receive superior compensation and access to a bonus program, which allows for salaries, bonuses, and annual increases far above the industry standard. In addition, you can participate in our comprehensive benefits program, valuable employee savings plan, and much more.


Education and training

Whether you work in one of our branches or in one of the supporting departments, each employee plays an important role in assisting our members with their finances. We also know how important it is to continually upgrade your skills and knowledge to ensure our members receive professional service and advice. Our human resources department places great emphasis on training and ongoing education – numerous in-house training opportunities exist, as well as the opportunity for you to enroll in formal education through local universities and colleges (that Sunova is more than happy to pay for!).


Employee recognition

We celebrate the successes of our employees and the organization on an ongoing basis. We do this through our annual staff gala, special recognition via our intranet site, emails or in-person, or whenever the right opportunity presents itself. We make it a habit to positively recognize and say thank you for going ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty.


Have we convinced you yet? Great! Now it’s time to apply.