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a text a day* keeps the fraudsters away

December 06, 2017

Fraud is a scary thing and can cause a lot of discomfort if it happens to you. There are ways you can protect yourself and your money from fraud, like using a strong password that you don’t use for other accounts, not doing your banking over unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and keeping your virus software up to date.


You’ll also want to have alerts in place in case something does happen. With Sunova Online you can set up mobile alerts on your account. They won’t directly prevent fraud, but they will keep you informed of the activity on your account. Thay way, if anything happens, you can act right away.


How to sign up


  1. Make sure you have a cell phone that accepts text messages (standard text message fees apply; check with your carrier for more details).
  2. Login to your online banking and select ‘mobile banking’ from the menu.
  3. If you aren’t already, sign up for mobile banking.
    1. Enter your phone number and wait for a text with your confirmation code.
  4. Once you sign up (or if you’re already signed up) select ‘mobile alerts’.
  5. Review the options and select which you’d like to turn on.

We suggest turning on alerts if your password or account information changed and if a transfer to anyone transfer is made. You can also turn on alerts if your accounts go under a certain amount or if there are debits / credits or bill payments over a certain amount.

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