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On July 1, 2022, Sunova Credit Union, Noventis Credit Union, and Access Credit Union officially and legally came together to form the new Access Credit Union. As we progress through the various phases of this collaboration, we will continue to be a credit union with a commitment to sustainability, accessibility, innovation, and exceptional member service. One where we put our members first so we can continue to support a province-wide network of thriving communities, today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.


For more information, visit cusuccess.ca or accesscu.ca


Sunova Credit Union’s roots originated in the 1940s when a group of Manitoba farmers listened to the Farm Radio Forum talk about concept of a credit union. Soon the group formed the Grassmere Tecumseh Credit Union based on the philosophy of “people helping people”. In 1955, the credit union was allowed to expand into a larger area, and 11 members signed a new charter to form Stonewall Credit Union. It had just $82 in assets, but has since grown into one of rural Manitoba’s most successful credit unions. In 1974, the credit union was renamed as South Interlake Credit Union (SICU). In 2008, SICU was rebranded to the credit union you know today: Sunova, a vibrant, friendly full-service financial institution dedicated to providing outstanding member service.


More than 60 years and a few name changes later, we are proud we still stand for one thing ­— strong relationships with our members. We still believe in people helping people. We’re not here to offer another chequing account just because; we’re here to help our members achieve their financial goals. We are here to support our communities, exceed expectations, and see dreams turn into reality.


Our purpose is simple: to be the very best at creating memorable, meaningful, and lasting connections with our customers, our communities, and each other.


If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person yet, stop by one of our branches to say hi to our staff. You may even run into one of our directors of greetings (D.O.Gs) when you do (psst. they’re St. Bernards)!


culture code


What’s it like to work for Sunova? It’s eating popcorn on Sundays, competing in surprise bingo games, getting slobbery kisses from our D.O.Gs, transforming our branches at Halloween, and, of course, helping members with their finances. What can we say? We’re unique, which means we’ve got a unique culture.


Working for Sunova means having fun, working with your friends, going above and beyond for members, and supporting your co-workers. Simply put, our culture focuses on being real and having a good time while we’re at it. Our employees live by the five main points below, which all lead back into creating strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships with our members and each other.


Do good.

Be a reflection of what you’d like to see in others. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Establish honest, comfortable, and open relationships where we support each other and our communities, embrace individuality and create a positive, meaningful workplace inclusive to all.


Be better.

Grow. Evolve. Be better. Always be open to learning and improvement, professionally and personally.


Own it.

Own your actions and your attitude. Embrace the journey, and know we’re all in it together.


Move forward.

Change is constant; encourage it and embrace it. Be inspired; be passionate; and never be satisfied with status quo. We will accomplish more because we believe in ourselves, our organization, and the worth of what we do.


Create fun.

Our organization is not average, and neither are you. Actively embrace and help continually advance our unique culture where diversity, passion, and determination are celebrated. Work hard and play hard, not just for your benefit but also for the benefit of others. Our work environment is what you make it.


market code of conduct


Credit unions are unique institutions. Operating in Manitoba for over 80 years, Manitoba credit unions are financial cooperatives that are governed and financed differently as compared to banks. There are twice as many credit union locations in Manitoba as any other financial institution, and in many communities, a credit union is the only financial institution serving residents and small businesses.


If you have a credit union account, you have a democratic say when it comes to policy and decision-making. By voting for your credit union’s board of directors — or running yourself — you help guide your credit union on its path. All decisions, big and small, are made right here in Manitoba communities.


At a credit union, profits go straight back into enhancing your credit union experience and to strengthening the community. The vast majority of the funds credit union members deposit are recirculated in our communities in the form of loans to homeowners, businesses, farmers and other members.


Our primary motivation is providing high-quality products and services to our members. We are committed to ensuring that our members are satisfied with the level of services they receive. We also extend this commitment to prospective members and to the community at large.


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