meet our team

Board of directors


In a nutshell, our board represents you. Together, they work to provide guidance by approving policies, monitoring organizational results, and by attending monthly board meetings and planning sessions. Our board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and our policies reflect that commitment.

Lesli Malegus

Director Since: 2009
Term Expires: 2018
Residence: Selkirk, MB

Kevin Beresford

Director Since: 2008
Term Expires: 2017
Residence: Stonewall, MB

Huguette Dandeneau

Director Since: 1991
Term Expires: 2018
Residence: Lac du Bonnet, MB

Chris Kinghorn

Director Since: 2014
Term Expires: 2017
Residence: Lac du Bonnet, MB

Nicole Forsyth

Director Since: 2011
Term Expires: 2017
Residence: Lac du Bonnet, MB

Reid Henderson

Director Since: 2016
Term Expires: 2019
Residence: Selkirk, MB

Justin Evenden

Director Since: 2013
Term Expires: 2019
Residence: Winnipeg, MB

Executive leadership team


They may be all smiles but they mean business! Our executive team combines many years of industry experience with an innovative and progressive approach to leading our organization.

Edward Bergen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Curtis Fines

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Dallas Kostna

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Jeff Erickson

Vice President & Chief Finance Officer