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Cash is no longer the quickest (or easiest!) way to buy that morning double-double! Check out the fastest and flashiest (see what we did there?) way to make those small, but oh so necessary, transactions with your Sunova debit card.


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What is Interac Flash?


Interac Flash is a contactless enhancement of your Sunova debit card. With the addition of Flash, your Sunova debit card will continue to perform chip debit transactions but with an additional enhanced functionality that will provide you with an even faster and more convenient way to pay securely for smaller everyday purchases. Now you can simply ‘flash’ your card at a reader that supports Interac Flash to make a payment instantly. There is no need to insert your card or enter your PIN and you won’t have to worry about searching for bills or waiting for change. When you use your Sunova debit card with Interac Flash instead of cash, it’s like you’re ready with exact change every time. Talk about convenience!


Where can I use it?


You can use your Sunova debit card with Interac Flash at any merchant that supports Interac debit. To use the Flash portion of the card, the merchant will need to support that function (look for the Interac Flash logo). Several merchants support Interac Flash today and more are being added every month.


How does it work?


Using Interac Flash is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Flash your Sunova debit card in front of the merchant’s payment terminal. A beep and / or ‘approved’ message on the payment terminal will acknowledge your transaction is complete. Your purchase is automatically debited from the Sunova account you normally use for Interac debit transactions.


Are there transaction limits?


Purchases currently have a limit of $100 per transaction, and, after every $200 of spending, you will be asked to insert your Sunova debit card into the terminal and enter your PIN. This will reset your $200 limit and provide enhanced security by limiting the amount of funds that can be accessed at once using Interac Flash functionality on your Sunova debit card.


How do I increase my limits (effective May 2021)?


With contactless payment options more important (and popular) than ever, Sunova members now have access to higher Interac Flash transaction limits. With a quick and easy ‘set-up’ on your existing debit card, you can now tap and pay for purchases up to $250, and up to a cumulative total of $400.


To activate the new limits, your debit card must be used with your chip and PIN for three consecutive point-of-sale transactions. (Note that ATM transactions do not count!) After those three transactions, your Interac Flash limits will be automatically increased.


What security is in place for cards with Interac Flash capabilities?


Your Interac Flash Sunova debit card offers a number of security features designed to keep your accounts safe and secure. Interac Flash uses chip technology, not Radio Frequency ID (RFID) which is less secure.


The chip uses cryptography to protect cards from being copied and counterfeited. The card cannot be read by a device while it’s in your purse, wallet or pocket. The card must be inserted when the contactless transaction limit is reached. A PIN must be entered to authenticate you as the cardholder. This may happen occasionally even if you are within your transaction limit to be sure you are the legitimate cardholder.


Lastly, our debit cards have your photo on the back for enhanced security.


How much does it cost to use my Sunova debit card with Interac Flash?


The transaction costs for using Interac Flash are the same as using your regular Sunova debit card.


How much do Sunova debit cards featuring Interac Flash cost?


A new Sunova debit card featuring Interac Flash technology costs $10 per card. New Sunova members will continue to receive their first Sunova debit card free of charge.



If you have lost your Sunova debit card or you believe it has been stolen, please contact your local branch immediately. To cancel your lost or stolen Sunova debit card after regular business hours, please call the following phone number: 1.888.478.6682. You can also cancel your card from the Sunova GO app, under the support tab. 


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