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If you have questions, we have answers. Below are some of the most common questions about Interac® e-Transfers. Want know more? Contact us or give your local branch a call!


What is an Interac® e-Transfer?

An Interac® e-Transfer allows members to transfer money from Sunova Online and Sunova GO to any other person who has an email address and an account at a participating Canadian credit union or bank.


Is it secure?

Yes! Interac® e-Transfers are very secure. The money is not sent by email or text message; only the notification travels over the internet to advise the recipient that the transfer has been initiated and to give instructions on how to deposit the money. The funds remain safely at the financial institution and are transferred through existing payment networks that have been used for years to settle cheques and for bank machine deposits and withdrawals.


The system’s built-in security features include:

  • Confidential login issued by your financial institution.
  • The latest encryption technology.
  • Security question to ensure only the intended recipient can access the money being transferred.

How much does it cost to send or receive an Interac® e-Transfer?

Sunova charges a non-refundable fee of $1.50 when you send an Interac® e-Transfer. Sunova does not charge a fee to receive an Interac e-Transfer, but other financial institutions may.


How long does an Interac® e-Transfer take?

When you send an Interac® e-Transfer, the funds are withdrawn from your account immediately. The amount of time it takes for a recipient to receive an Interac® e-Transfer to his or her email address depends on internet connectivity, including the recipient’s email system. It can take up to 30 minutes or longer for an Interac® e-Transfer to arrive.


Who can I send an Interac® e-Transfer to?

Interac® e-Transfers allow you to securely send money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a Canadian deposit account.


Please note: If the recipient’s financial institution does not yet offer Interac® e-Transfer services, or if they don’t bank online, he or she can still receive Interac® e-Transfers. In the notice the recipient gets when they are sent an Interac® e-Transfer, there is a link to the CertaPay website. By registering with CertaPay and providing banking information, he or she can receive the e-Transfer. The deposit usually takes four to six business days to process and a fee will be deducted from the deposit amount.


Are there limits on the amounts I can send and receive?

Yes, please see the list below:


Per transaction Send (debits) $3,000
Receive (credits) $10,000
Daily Send (debits) $3,000
Receive (credits) $10,000
Weekly Send (debits) $5,000
Receive (credits) $25,000
Monthly Send (debits) $10,000
Receive (credits) $50,000


Is there a minimum amount required to send an Interac® e-Transfer?

Nope! There is no minimum amount required.


Can I make an Interac® e-Transfer from my phone?

You sure can! Download Sunova GO and transfer as often as you like!


Can I cancel an Interac® e-Transfer once I send it?

You can cancel an Interac® e-Transfer in Sunova Online or Sunova GO if the recipient has not deposited the money. The money will be re-deposited into your account.


How long does a recipient of an Interac® e-Transfer have to deposit the money?

A recipient has 30 days to deposit the money. After 60 days, the money will be automatically re-deposited to your account. It can take up to seven business days after the 60 day expiry period for the money to be re-deposited to your account. (Please note that you can cancel an e-Transfer anytime.)


Can the recipient decline the transfer?

A recipient can decline to deposit an Interac® e-Transfer. In this case, Interact® e-Transfer will email the sender that the recipient declined the deposit. They can then follow the instructions in the email to deposit the money back into his or her account.


I received an ‘invalid error message’ when sending an Interac® e-Transfer, what does that mean?

Using invalid characters in the comment field box may produce an invalid error message. These characters include: – , & , _, #, % and various ‘brackets’. To avoid getting this error message, please don’t include these in the comment field box when sending an Interac® e-Transfer.


Can personal accounts with two or more signatures use the Interac® e-Transfer feature?

This service is not available for any personal accounts that require two or more signatures to perform transactions.


Can I send an Interac® e-Transfer from a branch?

For security reasons, you can only send money by email via Sunova’s online banking portal, Sunova Online, and from our app, Sunova GO.


Can I deposit an Interac® e-Transfer into a bank account in another country?

No, you will not be able to deposit your Interac® e-Transfer to a foreign bank account. This service is currently only available to those who bank at a participating Canadian financial institution with a Canadian currency account. If you have received an Interac® e-Transfer but do not have a Canadian bank account, ask your sender to cancel the transfer. Once the transfer is cancelled, the funds will be re-deposited in the sender’s account. If you cannot contact the sender, the transfer will automatically expire after about 30 days and the sender will receive a notification to redeposit the funds.


What should I use for my security question?

Each time you set up an Interac® e-Transfer recipient, you’ll be prompted to create a unique security question and answer for that recipient – this question will accompany any e-transfer you send to this recipient as a security measure. The recipient will need to know the answer before he or she can access the money you’ve sent. The best way to communicate the answer to the recipient is by phone or in-person.


The security answer must follow these guidelines:


  • Must be one word.
  • No blank spaces.
  • Must be between 6 – 25 characters.
  • Must not contain special characters (i.e. $, #, @, &, etc.).
  • The answer is not case sensitive and both letters and numbers are accepted.
  • If the answer is a date, the format is dd-mm-yyyy (i.e. 22-03-2011).

What happens if the recipient answers the security question incorrectly?

The sender will receive an email or text message advising that the recipient answered the security question incorrectly. The notification will contain instructions for reclaiming and depositing the money.


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