technology so cool even james bond would be jealous

Have you ever wanted to feel like a super spy? You scan your fingerprint to gain access to a top-secret room that frosts up as you shut the door. Then a robotic arm delivers a safe deposit box holding confidential files that are for your eyes only; and all the while you’re sipping a martini? Well, we can deliver that experience… minus the martini.


How it works


Available at our Riverbend, Oakbank, and Leila branches, our 24 / 7 SafeStore units make accessing a safe deposit box convenient, secure, and pretty darn cool! Using biometrics (scanning your fingerprint) to access your account information, the windows of the viewing room become frosted while a robotic arm pulls your safe deposit box. Then you use your key (which cannot be duplicated) to open the box! 100% secure – no one other than you will be able to access your safe deposit box. When you are finished, the robotic arm will return your safe deposit box and the glass window will become clear only when you exit the room. Lastly, each SafeStore unit includes a closed-circuit television in the room allowing you to see who is outside of the door, ensuring you can exit with your personal belongings only when you are certain it is safe.


Sizing and pricing


Size Fee
1.93 x 12.80 x 9.25 $60.00 + GST
3.27 x 12.80 x 9.25 $100.00 + GST
4.65 x 12.80 x 9.25 $150.00 + GST
7.32 x 12.80 x 9.25 $200.00 + GST

We could tell you more, but you really need to see it for yourself. Stop by Riverbend, Oakbank, or Leila today and ask for a demonstration. We promise you will be wowed!

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