eat your leafy green vegetables and save your allowance, dog-gone it!



New to banking? Let our D.O.G show you the ropes!


When you sign up to be a dog-gone good saver with Sunova, you join a pretty awesome club that will not only help you start saving money, but also includes cool stuff like a special birthday celebration, annual Christmas party, and much, much more!


This beginner’s savings account is perfect for young savers (ages 12 and under). With no monthly service fee, you start out slow with 30 free transactions per month. It’s a great way to learn about the value of money (and have a bit of fun while you’re at it)!


Here’s a recap of just some of the perks of banking with Sunova:


A St. Bernard


We already have a D.O.G on staff, but as a dog-gone good saver, you get to take your very own St. Bernard home with you! Don’t worry mom and dad – they aren’t real dogs but they are definitely just as cute. Every new dog-gone good saver gets a stuffed Sunova St. Bernard. They’re cute, cuddly, and don’t slobber – can’t get much better than that!


A personalized debit card


At Sunova, you get your own personalized debit card with one of our awesome designs. We also take your picture and add your photo to the back of the card, so you can use this as a piece of identification (where accepted). It’s also an added security measure in case your card is ever lost or stolen.


A birthday celebration


In case you didn’t know, Sunova’s D.O.G is a real party animal and wants to help you celebrate your birthday in style! As a dog-gone good saver, you also have the chance to be a member of Sunova’s Bow Wow Birthday Club. As a Bow Wow Birthday Club member, you’ll get a special birthday announcement on our digital screen during the week of your birthday, and a birthday present from our D.O.G. To learn more about the Bow Wow Birthday Club, just click here.


A Christmas party


Every November(ish), our D.O.G invites Sunova’s dog-gone good savers to get together and celebrate with a super exclusive kid’s Christmas party. This members-only party has everything, from food and fun activities, to a visit from the big guy himself.


Pretty neat, hey? Make sure you don’t miss out. Become a dog-gone good saver today!



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