superior savings to the rescue

You know the saying, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’? Well, we want to help you do both! With our savings accounts, we can help you save faster, save more, and even save your US money!


From higher interest rates to an account that will save your spare change, you really can’t go wrong when you decide to save with Sunova!


While all of our savings accounts are great, our Superior Savings account is truly the crème de la crème. Basically, it’s the cat’s pyjamas of savings accounts!


Unlike many other high-interest savings accounts out there, this one doesn’t require a minimum balance to get a higher savings rate. So whether you have $5 or $5,000 in your savings account, you automatically get an awesome interest rate. And with a tiered interest rate, your already great interest rate gets even better the more you save.


Features and benefits


  • A high rate of return while maintaining full access to your funds.
  • A 100% guarantee on all deposits by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.
  • Two free debit transactions per month, excluding utility bill payments (a la carte pricing applies).
  • Interest calculated on your minimum monthly balance and paid monthly.
  • Funds can conveniently be accessed in the branch by using your Sunova debit card or via Sunova GO Web. 


Remember, our Superior Savings account is just one way we can help you save your money. Don’t forget to check out our Nickel & Dime Savings and US savings account.

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