no more exchange rate roulette

Effective July 1, 2022 Sunova Credit Union is Access Credit Union.


The new Access Credit Union promises to offer some of the best financial products and services for every stage in life. We’ve streamlined our account package options to best meet the needs of our combined membership. We are pleased to share the new account package lineup and service fee schedule which will come into effect in October 2022.


Account package grids will be available in July 2022.


Please visit cusuccess.ca for additional information.


If you travel to the United States often, you have probably realized by now that getting the best exchange rate when buying or selling US cash is just a matter of luck.


We can’t control the exchange rates, but we can at least help eliminate some of your worries when it comes to losing your shirt or winning the lottery on the exchange rate!


Whether your travel often or just want to purchase cash in advance, our US savings account is perfect for anyone looking to have US cash on hand. With our US account, you can buy your greenbacks when rates are good and don’t have to worry about converting your leftover US cash to Canadian at the end of your trip. Your US cash will be safe and available whenever you need it.


Features and benefits


  • No monthly service fee.
  • Two free debits per month.
  • Interest is calculated on your minimum monthly balance and is credited to your account each month.
  • A high rate of return while maintaining full access to your funds.
  • A 100% guarantee on all deposits by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.
  • Peace of mind knowing your US cash is safe.
  • Freedom to purchase US funds when you want (and not have to worry about holding on to the cash).
  • Gives you the flexibility to take advantage of US exchanges rates when they are good

  • With Sunova GO Web, you can easily transfer funds from a Canadian dollar account to a US dollar savings account (or vice versa) with our currency exchange tool. Just login to your account, navigate to transfer funds – currency exchange, and follow the prompts.

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