sunova snap! cheque deposit FAQs

Have questions? We have answers! Below are some of the most common questions about Sunova Snap. You’ll be snapping your cheques in no time! Want know more? Contact us or give your local branch a call!


What is Sunova Snap! Cheque Deposit?

Sunova Snap! Cheque Deposit is, well… just that! It’s a way you can deposit a cheque anywhere by snapping a picture of it! Whether you’re cruising in a boat, cozy on your couch, or anywhere else with cell service, you can deposit your money.


How do I use Sunova Snap!?

Simply open Sunova Go, select Sunova Snap! Cheque Deposit, follow the instructions, and deposit your money. The app reads the image and then processes it the same way we would at the branch.


Is there a fee to use Sunova Snap!?

Nope, Sunova Snap! is free!


Can I deposit US dollars or other currencies with Sunova Snap!?

For now we are just red and white, eh. (You’re only able to deposit Canadian cheques into a Canadian account.)


Is there a daily limit on how much I can deposit through Sunova Snap!?

There’s no daily limit on how much you can deposit! Snap away friends! Snap away!


What if I accidentally enter the wrong amount?

We know that accidents sometimes happen. The Sunova Snap! technology has checks in place to verify the amount you input before you can submit your deposit. We’ll also double check that the amount you submit matches the amount of the cheque. We’ve got your back.


Can I spend my money right after I deposit it?

Just like with an ATM deposit, there may be a short hold on the deposit to provide time for it to clear.


Do I need to mail in the physical cheque?

Nope, you don’t need to send in the cheques you deposited.


What do I do with the cheque after I deposited it?

Once you finish depositing your cheque, write ‘deposited via Sunova Go’ on it (make sure you don’t write over any details). After 90 days, you should destroy the cheque.


Is the photo of my cheque stored on my phone?

Sunova Go will not store the image on your phone. Once you’re done depositing the cheque, or cancel the transaction, the photo of cheque is removed from your phone.


Tips for taking a stellar picture of your cheque.

  • Make sure you have good lighting.
  • Find a flat, dark surface free of other papers to place your cheque on.
  • Make sure your cheque is not folded or bent.
  • Remove any cheque stub attached to the cheque before you take the picture.

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