there’s strength in numbers… as long as you understand them

The credit score: a mysterious number that holds a serious amount of importance when it comes to your financial health. As elusive and mysterious as this number is, it is incredibly important to know what factors affect it and what exactly your credit score is.


Sunova is happy to partner with Equifax, Canada’s leading credit information company. This means that we are able to give you the ability to access your credit files and credit scores online.


Equifax offers access to the following:


  • Copy of your personalized credit history report.
  • Your credit score including a full explanation of how our lending associates will view your credit risk.
  • Tips for how you can improve your credit score over time.
  • A list of factors that most heavily affect your credit score.
  • Online dispute resolution should you wish to question anything in your credit file.
  • Online access to your credit file for 30 consecutive days.

There are many reasons to find out your credit score including to ensure Equifax’s credit file is accurate and free of errors and to find out what specific actions you can take to improve your credit file in preparation for your next major purchase.


To access your credit report online immediately, click on the link below. For a fee, real-time access is available to view your personal credit report, credit score, and a full explanation of how our lending associates will view your credit history. There are two options: Score Power Credit Score and Equifax Credit Report. Further details are available on the Equifax site.


Visit Equifax Consumer Services Canada today.


To obtain a free copy of your credit report, please call 1.800.465.7166. The toll-free number will provide you with step-by-step instructions to have your credit report mailed to you.

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