owning that vintage airstream you’ve been dreaming of may be closer than you think

Sometimes you need to buy a new car, sometimes it’s a new eavestrough, and other times you just need a hot escape from the cold. Life has a way of throwing unexpected expenses your way that you might not always be financially prepared for. That’s where we come in! Our lending associates know all there is to know about finances, and can help tailor a loan to your exact personal needs.


Some cool facts about our loans:


  • All of our personal loans are open to pre-payment at any time without penalty.
  • Life and disability insurance is also available and can be financed with your loan.
  • For ease of payment, you can choose weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments – whatever suits you best!
  • Flexible terms with fixed or variable rates are available.
  • You can book an appointment with an experienced lending specialist in minutes to get started on your personal loan.


Here are a few examples of the types of loans we can provide (as if you need our help finding things to spend money on!):


Consolidation loans

Combine various debts and structure one easy payment.


Car loans

New or used, we can provide financing for your vehicle.


Vacation loans

Take your dream vacation! Better than credit card rates, a personal loan can help finance your dream vacation.


Home improvement loans

Major or minor renovations? Repairs or upgrading? Sunova can provide you with the financing you require to complete the work to your home.


RRSP loans

Take advantage of the tax break by contributing to an Registered Retirement Savings Plan. We can set you up with a loan to purchase an RRSP. Many other personal loan options exist. Our lending associates are happy to help determine the best option for your needs.


Ready to get a loan with Sunova? Book an appointment with your local branch and choose the best time for you.


have questions?

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