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Summer is here and we know you want to get out and enjoy it while it lasts. If you’re looking to purchase a new or used vehicle to help make the most of this summer, whether an RV for camping, a car for a road trip, or a boat for cruising at the lake, you’re in luck because Sunova has some great vehicle rates available right now (as low as 3.69%* for new purchases).



A few things about vehicle loans at Sunova


Why should I come to Sunova instead of a dealership for my loan?

When you come to Sunova, you can get so much more than just a loan for your vehicle. We offer personalized service based on your future financial goals. We get to know you personally, and help figure out what’s best for you now, and in the future. For example, if you want to buy a vehicle, but you are also saving for your first home, we can ensure that the vehicle loan payments won’t get in the way of making that dream a reality. You would also have easier access to your balance owing and the ability to make extra payments whenever you choose. Did we mention there’s no need to call a centralized 1-800 number at Sunova? You can call your lender directly at any time!


What kinds of vehicles can I get a loan from Sunova for?

The sky’s the limit. Car, boat, ATV — if you can drive it, we can finance it.


How does Sunova determine the interest rates for a vehicle purchase?

Sunova determines your interest rate by considering the year and type of vehicle you’re buying, as well as your strength as a borrower (your credit history). That’s why when you see a rate advertised, like above, ‘as low as’ or ‘starting at’ are often included. The rate displayed is the best rate anyone getting a loan could get, but depending on the factors above, you might be offered a different rate.


Get started on your loan. Contact the Stonewall lending team.


Kate, Meghan, Melainee, and Tianna are your lending experts in Stonewall. With over 45 years of combined expertise, they are here to help you along your financial journey. From getting a vehicle loan to creating savings goals for the future, this team is here to help.


Contact one of the lenders below to get started on your loan.


Kate Kowalchuk – 204.467.3170 | email

Meghan Osbak — 204.467.5574 | email

Melainee Glass — 204.467.3185  | email

Tianna Jones — 204.467.3179 | email



*O.A.C, rate subject to change.

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