Protecting your personal and financial information is our top priority, not only within our online banking service, Sunova GO, but also within all of our financial systems and databases. We ensure your privacy by using a number of industry-standard security techniques. Our IT department is constantly working to ensure you are provided with the best security currently available.


Sunova GO


Your information is protected while in transit between your computer and our in-house servers through the use of security techniques such as encryption. Encryption ensures that your information cannot be accessed or modified while being transferred to or from your computer.


Personal access codes, numbers and passwords


Only individuals who provide the correct personal access code, personal identification number or password (depending on which channel you are using) can access your account information. Protecting your access codes and numbers is your responsibility and is extremely important. Please note the following security practices:


  • Select a code, number or password that is easy for you to remember but not easy for others to guess (like a birthday, address or phone number)
  • Do not share your code, number or password with anyone
  • Do not write your code, number or password down or store it on your computer
  • Never disclose your code, number or password in a voicemail, email or over text message
  • Do not permit anyone to watch you while inputting your code, number or password
  • Change your code, number or password on a regular basis

Contact your local branch if you suspect someone has gained knowledge of your access code, PIN or password, if there are errors in your account information or if you want additional details regarding our privacy and security policies.

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