reclaiming Interac e-Transfer® funds

An Interac e-Transfer® will expire after 30 days if the recipient does not claim it. If this happens, Interac will email you to let you know that the funds were not claimed.


To reclaim your funds, login to Sunova GO Web* and follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to ‘transfer funds’ from the dashboard. Then, select ‘Interac e-Transfers’ from the transfer menu.
  2. Agree to the Interac e-Transfer agreement.
  3. Select the account you initiated the original transfer from.
  4. Click ‘checkout’.
  5. Under transfers, select ‘View / Resend / Cancel Pending Transfers’. You will see a list of pending transfers.
  6. You may either ‘resend notice’ or ‘cancel’ the transfer. As soon as you cancel the transfer, the initial withdrawal will be reversed.

Funds may become unclaimed due to the following scenarios:


  • The recipient declines the transfer
  • The recipient responds incorrectly to the security question
  • The recipient ignores the transfer notification

*Please note, at this time you may only reclaim funds through Sunova GO Web, not Sunova GO (the app)


If you still have questions on reclaiming funds please get in touch. 

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