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saving tips for university

August 14, 2017

School can get expensive! With your books, tuition fees, transportation costs, and most importantly coffee! It all adds up and if you’re not careful, can amount to some pretty ugly credit card bills.


Here are a few tips that helped out your friends at Sunova over the years:


  1. Check out the used bookstore at your campus! Books here are usually much, much cheaper than in the regular bookstore. (Online options, like Kijiji or Amazon, are also great!).
  2. If the current edition of your book isn’t available, opt for the past edition. Usually, there are only a few changes.
  3. Pack snacks from home to avoid buying snacks on campus.
  4. Bring coffee from home (at least for your morning cup!).
  5. Also, investing in a good thermos / travel mug is soooo worth it.
  6. Save money from your summer job as a school fund.
  7. Apply for available grants, scholarships and bursaries; it’s like free money.
  8. Take advantage of student rates everywhere! Your student card is your best friend when it comes to getting discounts.
  9. Apply for a credit card with rewards (you might as well get something back right?).

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