your sunova savings type explained

November 01, 2019

Whether you’re a Sammie Spender, Creative Charlie, Planning Patty, or Savvy Spencer, your Sunova savings type should be celebrated. Now, if you want to learn about the other savings types in our quiz, take a read below.


Quiz? Huh? If you’re a little confused and haven’t taken our savings quiz, no worries. You have until February 15 to take the quiz and get entered to win $500!



Sammie spenderSammie Spender

While you may shop on impulse from time to time, you also jump at deals. You may not have a solid saving plan (yet) but you love the feeling that you’re saving, even if it’s just a few bucks. We all have different saving styles, and while we’re not about to suggest you change your whole lifestyle, here is one tip to help you save.


Savings tip

Save your change and sign up for Sunova’s Nickle and Dime saving program. We’ll round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and put the extra in a Sunova savings account for you. It’s like saving while you shop!


Creative Charlie

You enjoy saving money. It makes you happy when you’ve saved, whether with a sale, coupon, or some good ol’ DIY. You tend to save in simple ways, but it all adds up. So, while you may not have a mountain of savings in the bank (or maybe you do!), you’re not all consumed by the act of savings. You relish it.


Savings tip

Set up an auto-transfer into a Sunova savings account or TFSA for each paycheque. If you already have one, try increasing your deposit by $5 for more savings.


Planning Patty

You’re a strict budgeter, you make lists before shopping, and you know how to find a deal. Your planning gives you control over your finances. You can even control your impulses to buy something to make sure it’s really worth it; however, sometimes your planning habits can hold you back from doing things you really want. We have a planner-friendly tip to help you out.


Savings tip

Boost your savings by setting up a term at Sunova. TFSAs are great for various saving lengths and you can get the same rates available to GIC or RRSP accounts, but the interest you earn is tax-free.


Savvy Spencer

You understand the financial world. You are focused on growing your savings for the future and may already be locking funds into terms, searching for great rates, and trying out investing. Way to go! However, here is one tip to help you on our journey.



Savings tip

It may be time for you to meet with the Sunova wealth management team to grow your savings even more. Or, if you’re more into DIY, VirtualWealth®* may be your thing.


*VirtualWealth is a trade name of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.




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